Here at ORU we offer a variety of different clubs, you can find a club that pertains to your major, or you can find a club that is just for fun. Clubs are always welcoming anyone to join no matter their major or background. So who knows, you might attend a club meeting and decided you like Chemistry better than business, or you might find out that you’re amazing at swimming. All in all there are plenty of clubs and organizations to choose from, that will stretch you and help you find your sweet spot, and you will make many new friends along the way.

New Clubs Proposal From – If you have an idea for a club, and you people rallied behind your idea, submit a new club proposal form and get the process going!

Clubs and Organizations Re-Sanctioning Form – If you’re an existing club and want to continue at the end of the year you need to fill out this form!

Room Request Form – If you would like to request a room on campus for your club to meet in please fill out this form and deliver it to the SA Operations Office (Hammer 141).