ORU Ice Skating Club

The ORU Ice Skating Club will be a club focused on promoting a healthy and fun lifestyle through the activity of ice skating. It will allow those with an interest in ice skating to meet together as a club to discuss all things related to ice skating and ice skate at local venues. We will primarily be skating once a week at the local Oilers Ice Center on Mingo Road for their Friday public skating session at 7 pm, but we will also skate at the BOK Center once it opens in the winter months (times to be determined). Members would pay the admission price to the venues for time on the ice, but the club itself would not charge any fees for membership. Other than skating together as a club, we will have times where we watch videos of famous ice skaters, pair skaters, and ice dancers performing routines and watch past videos from the Winter Olympics to analyze their artistry and technique. The club would also provide opportunities to practice flexibility and strength training off-ice at the AC with other members throughout the week. All levels of skaters, from beginner to advanced, are welcome to join, and beginners could learn how to skate from me or other skilled members. Members join by giving me their contact information and signing a waiver since ice skating comes with risks as a sport, and the club is not responsible for what happens if they fall.

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