ORU Socratic Club

The Socratic Club at ORU is our campus’s outlet for fostering deep and engaging conversations in a casual format. It seeks to serve the student body by facilitating a light and easy-going gathering where students will be challenged to ask the big questions – what is the purpose life, what is the nature of God, what does it mean to be human, and the like. As Christians, we are encouraged to have a genuine faith in God, not some willy-nilly blind faith that we “inherit” from our parents. Our faith is to be personally our own, one that looks at the opposing worldviews and “breaks down strongholds,” as the scriptures put it. Interestingly enough, The first Socratic Club was formed at Oxford University in 1941. Stella Aldwinckle created the club and urged none other than the legendary C.S. Lewis to serve as its first president, which he did diligently. Since then, several higher education instutions have formed their own versions of this invigorating club. It is time for this club’s descendant to be birthed on the campus of Oral Roberts University. We will seek to honor the first Socratic Club’s existence as an impetus for collegiate Christian thought and continue to uphold its original vision: To have “an open forum for the discussion of the intellectual difficulties connected with religion and with Christianity in particular.”

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